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Biodegradable solutions for packaging of liquid dairy products


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DuPont Nutrition & Health Recognized for Clean Label Innovation in Brazil

DuPont™ Danisco® Lactogel® FC 5200, which enables a new generation of low-pH carrageenans, places in the prestigious Fi South America Innovation Awards

São Paulo, Brazil, September 6, 2018 - DuPont Nutrition & Health’s technical team in South America has developed the ideal formulation based on a new generation of stable low-pH carrageenan to meet consumer and industry demand for cleaner labels.

Carrageenan is a hydrocolloid already used in many applications such as ice cream, almond milks and dressings.  But in naturally acidic products, such as fruit-based yogurts, carrageenan historically generated syneresis or sandy texture, which would de-characterize the product and make it less appealing in food. The DuPont Nutrition & Health Innovation team explored different extracts and production methods and came up with the ideal formulation through Lactogel® FC 5200, allowing carrageenans to be used in low pH products.

The new Lactogel® FC 5200 is designed to meet the strong demand for cleaner labels and plant-based foods from consumers and the industry. Lactogel® FC 5200 can help shorten product labels, as it can serve as the sole thickener low PH formulations, providing a rich texture and creaminess that replaces the addition of starch and gelatin. In yogurt, Lactogel® FC 5200 can be used in both the fruit preparation and in the white mass of the yogurt, further simplifying the ingredient list. Given its ability to replace gelatin, an animal origin product, and reduce the amount of milk protein in formulations, Lactogel® FC 5200 can be used as a thickening agent in vegetarian and vegan products, appealing to a growing audience.  

"This is a solution that has been studied for a long time by the technical team. This recognition by the FI South America Innovation Awards, a premier national award program for the food industry, is a great victory, because it reinforces that we are on the right track, seeking solutions that meet the needs of the industry and the consumer, " said Paula Bourlegat, marketing leader for dairy products.

Carrageenan also has an impressive sustainability story. Carrageenan farming has helped lift families out of poverty and improved the economic and social well-being of thousands of communities in Southeast Asia and Africa.

DuPont N&H has a carrageenan production plant in Chile which stimulates the local economy and lessens its impact on the environment due to the proximity of production to the Latin American market.

To learn more about Lactogel® FC 5200, contact DuPont Nutrition & Health in Brazil at +55 11 41668311.

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